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Report on Symposium
Advances In Instrumentation, Geo-Monitoring And Validation 23-24 July 2015, New Delhi
Geotechnical engineering involves uncertainties, arising from simplifications which are unavoidable during the design phase, primarily due to limited information about the soil/rock properties and behaviour. It is important to monitor the performance of structures during the construction phase to compare actual loads, stresses and deformations with those anticipated during design.
Establishing a robust geotechnical instrumentation and construction monitoring plan is one of the keys for a successful delivery of any project. Geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation are increasingly becoming popular nowadays for all kinds of geotechnical works either underground or above ground. Verification of long-term performances, validation of new theories, construction control, warning against any impending failures, quality assurance, and legal protection are some of the many reasons for geotechnical instrumentation. They are not only used in field situations, but in laboratories too. With the recent advances in materials and technology and the need for more stringent performance control, there had been significant developments in the recent past in instrumentation and monitoring techniques. Further with increase in usage of observational methods for large projects there is an increase in requirement of instrumentation, monitoring as well as validation of the design assumptions.
Keeping in mind the necessity to highlight advances in instrumentation and monitoring along with case studies on geo monitoring, data management, back analysis as well design validation, the Central Board of Irrigation & Power (CBIP) and the Indian National Group of International Society of Rock Mechanics - ISRM (India), in association with  the Delhi Chapter of Indian Geotechnical Society, organized a Symposium on “Advances in Instrumentation, Geo-Monitoring and Validation” during 23-24 July  2015, at CBIP Building, Malcha Marg New Delhi.
The Symposium was co-sponsored by ACE Instrument Co. Ltd.; South Korea, GroundProbe Pty. Ltd.; Australia and IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi; Italy. The Symposium was attended by over 95 participants from 38 organizations both from India and abroad involving equipment manufacturers, construction, engineering and design. The Symposium was inaugurated by Mr. A.B. Pandya, Chairman, Central Water Commission. Mr. R.N. Misra, Chairman & Managing Director, SJVN Ltd., presided over the Inaugural Sessions. Mr. V.K. Kanjlia, Secretary, CBIP and Member Secretary, ISRM (India), welcomed the dignitaries and the participants. Dr. Manoj Verman, President, ISRM (India) and Dr. Atul Nanda, Chairman, Delhi Chapter of Indian Geotechnical Society, briefly described the objectives of the Symposium.
Topics that were mainly discussed during the Symposium included; Instrumentation, Geo Monitoring, Back Analysis and Validation and Observational Methods in Geotechnical Engineering. These broad topics were very well covered under the different fields of geotechnical engineering like deep excavations, pile foundations, tunnels, caverns, ground improvement, slope stability and disaster mitigation.

The eminent speakers included the following:
i. Dr. Sunil S. Basarkar, ITD Cementation India Limited
ii. Mr. Rajan Kataria, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
iii. Ms. Minimol Korulla, Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd
iv. Dr. Florian Krenn, Geoconsult India Pvt. Ltd.
v. Mr. Sripad R. Naik, National Institute of Rock Mechanics
vi. Dr. Atul Nanda, Engineers India Limited
vii. Dr. P.K. Rajmeny, Hindustan Zinc Limited
viii. Dr. V.M. Sharma, AIMIL Limited
ix. Mr. Ravi Sundaram, Cengrs Geotechnica Pvt. Ltd.
x. Dr. Surya Prakash, National Institute of Disaster Management
xi. Dr. Manoj Verman, President, Indian National Group of ISRM

Total eleven key note presentations along with 20 regular presentations were delivered and deliberated during the two day symposium which finally came to end with a concluding session which was very well attended by most of the participants. Participants very well appreciated the need of such symposium and requested the organisers to conduct more such sessions regularly for benefit of geotechnical community at large.

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