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A Brief Report: Workshop on Offshore Geotechnical Engineering
A half day workshop on offshore geotechnical engineering was held at IIT Delhi on 31st January 2014 as a part of series of technical activities planned by IGS Delhi Chapter. Presentations in the workshop were given by two distinguished experts: Mr. P.Hora (Geotechnical Consultant form Petrofac International Ltd.) and Prof. Manoj Datta (Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engg. Deptt., IIT Delhi).
Inauguration of the workshop was done by Dr. J.T.Shahu (Professor in Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engg. Deptt., IIT Delhi) by giving brief details about the activities of IGS Delhi chapter followed by an introduction of the speakers. The first presentation was made by Prof. Manoj Datta on “An Overview of Peculiar Behaviour of Offshore Soils”. He discussed about various types of marine soil deposits and the problems encountered while designing foundation system for the same. This was followed by a second presentation from Mr. P.Hora on “Types of foundation system for offshore structures” wherein he highlighted different types of foundation system used in the construction of offshore platforms under varying soil conditions. This presentation was followed by a tea break which gave an opportunity to the participants to discuss their queries with the experts. After the tea break, third and fourth presentations were made by Mr. P.Hora on “Site investigations for offshore structures” and “Design of pile systems for offshore structures”. These presentations provided insight into the complex nature of the site investigations planned for design of offshore structures as well as gave details on different aspects of pile systems used in offshore structures. Thus, a complete overview of offshore geotechnical engineering, ranging from basic soil properties to the design of pile and other foundation systems, was given in this workshop to the participants.
The workshop was attended by over fifty participants both from academic and professional fields. Many post graduate and research students from IIT Delhi also showed a keen interest in this workshop. Workshop ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. A. Nanda, Chairman IGS Delhi Chapter by appreciating the efforts of Mr. P.Hora and Prof. Manoj Datta for delivering wonderful lectures and sparing their valuable time for the workshop. He specially thanked Mr. P.Hora for taking the pain of travelling from Sharjah to India for sharing his valuable experiences with the Indian geotechnical community.

IGSDC-2014 Foundations for Offshore Structures - Foundation Concepts
IGSDC-2014 Foundations for Offshore Structures - Marine Site Investigations
Offshore Soils
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