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Information Brochure & Nomination Proforma



The executive committee of IGS Delhi Chapter would like to place on record its deep appreciation to the following members of the draft constitution committee for having done an excellent job in bringing out this document.

Sh. M. Gopalakrishnan Chairman
Sh. Ravi Sundaram Convenor
Dr. A.K. Dhawan Member
Sh. Murari Ratnam Chairman, IGS Delhi Chapter
Dr. G.V. Rao Member
Dr. R. Kuberan Member
Dr. D.V.Thareja Member
Dr. Manoj Datta Member
Dr. P.K. Nanda Member
Smt. R. Chitra Hony. Secretary, IGS Delhi Chapter
Sh. V.K. Jain Treasurer, IGS Delhi Chapter
IGS, Delhi Chapter


As per the constitution of the Delhi Chapter of Indian Geotechnical Society, the society seeks to promote the activity of Geotechnical Engineering in and around Delhi.

IGS Delhi Chapter had conducted a national level seminar titled “Geosynthetics India” in the year 2004. From the savings of this seminar, an amount of Rs.3.0 lakhs was allocated by the Executive Committee for the purpose of instituting awards to honour dedicated and committed geotechnical engineers of Delhi.

The objective is to recognize the contribution of the members of the IGS Delhi Chapter for promotion and practice of geotechnical engineering. It has long been realized that there are many geotechnical engineers doing very good professional work and contributing effectively to several major works and areas. However, some such contributions may have gone unrecognized due to various reasons. These awards are proposed to correct this imbalance to the extent feasible. The awards are open to all practicing geotechnical engineers, researchers and academicians meeting the eligibility criteria.

Nominations are invited in the following three categories of awards :
GS Delhi Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award : This award shall be given to a senior eminent geotechnical engineer (age 55 years and above) who has made notable contributions through his innovative work, providing inspiring leadership, been involved in major projects of national importance and contributed significantly to these projects. Leading academicians and Researchers are also covered.

IGS Delhi Chapter Leadership Award : This award shall be given to a middle level geotechnical engineer (age group of 35 to 55 years), who has made notable contributions in research or academics or field practice and shown capabilities of inspiring and motivating others.

IGS Delhi Chapter Young Geotechnical Engineer Award : This award is for a young geotechnical engineer (age below 35 years) who has worked on important projects or been involved in research / academic activity and demonstrated a promising and extraordinary potential for excellence.

Awards shall be given annually at the AGM of IGS Delhi Chapter or at a seminar / event organized by the Delhi Chapter. The first set of awards will be given in the year 2007 during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Chapter. The details of the awards are :
Category A. Lifetime Achievement Award: Rs. 10,000/ plus a citation and shield
Category B. Leadership Award: Rs. 6,000/ plus a citation
Category C. Young Geotechnical Engineer Award: Rs. 4,000/ plus a citation

The eligibility criteria for the three awards are given below :
  • The nominee should be a member of IGS-Delhi Chapter of three years standing before being considered. Cut off period will be the date of calling nominations. However, in case of young professionals, three-year criteria may be reduced to two years for exceptional candidates nominated under Category C.

  • Nominee should have made outstanding contributions in the form of research or substantial contributions in projects of national importance.

  • The work should have resulted in enhancing the state-of-the-art and/or state-of-the-practice of geotechnical engineering.

  • The following persons are not eligible for consideration for the awards :
    • The incumbent Chairman and Vice-Chairmen and immediate Past Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of IGS Delhi Chapter

    • The members of the current Executive Committee of IGS Delhi Chapter

    • The members of the current Awards Committee

For each of the awards, the procedure for nominating a candidate is as follows :
  • The candidate should be nominated by one member and seconded by another member of IGS Delhi Chapter. Nomination form is enclosed.

  • Joint awards for a particular category can be considered. In such cases, the award money shall be split equally.

  • A detailed CV of the nominee along with details of his/her contributions on one or two major projects and/or one or two selected publications (technical papers or excerpts from published books) should accompany the proposal.

  • A brief note from the person nominating or seconding the candidate explaining why he/she considers the nominee worthy of the award may also be sent.

  • A passport size photograph of the nominee.

  • Self-nomination is not permitted.

  • The Awards Committee may itself consider other exceptional / eminent persons for the award even though they may not have been nominated. Such instances shall require adequate substantiation

The nominations received shall be reviewed by five member Awards Committee consisting of the following persons :
  • The incumbent Chairman of IGS Delhi Chapter,

  • The immediate past Chairman of IGS Delhi Chapter;

  • Three eminent geotechnical engineers of repute and integrity from Delhi or outside, to be nominated by the Executive Committee

  • A Convener from this five member committee, to coordinate and organize the meetings and facilitate the functioning of the Awards Committee to be nominated in advance by Chairman, IGS Delhi Chapter.
Absence of any member during the meetings would not come in the way of the proceedings of the awards committee.

The Executive Committee of the IGS Delhi Chapter shall appoint Awards committee well in advance. Award committee may evolve suitable evaluation criteria, which is fair and just and also transparent. The committee shall set its own evaluation criteria prior to the nominations actually being considered like weightage for different attributes such as research work, publications, innovations, field experience, practical applications, etc. Until the finalization of the criteria, the nominations shall be kept in sealed covers.

While selecting the awardees, committee may keep in view the high standards of excellence, which the IGS Delhi Chapter seeks to promote. The Awards Committee may turn down nominations in part or full in case it is not up to the mark for a particular category. The proceedings of the awards committee shall be confidential and final. No representation of any kind shall be entertained.

The Awards Committee shall present its recommendations in the prescribed proforma (enclosed) to the Chairman of Delhi Chapter of IGS for consideration by the Executive Committee. It would be the endeavor of IGS Delhi Chapter to request the awardees to deliver a lecture in one of its main activities as token of appreciation.

IGS Delhi Chapter shall give wide publicity by way of correspondence or e-mail, newsletter, or hosting on web site etc. well in advance.

  • Call for nominations by Honorary Secretary of IGS Delhi Chapter :
  • By 30th June
  • Final date for receipt of nominations
  • By 31st August
  • Constitution of Awards Committee :
  • By 31st August
  • Handing over nominations to Awards Committee by Chairman, IGS Delhi Chapter
  • By 15th September
  • Evaluation of nominations by Awards Committee and final decision
  • By 31st December
  • Presentation of Awards Committee report to IGS Delhi Chapter
  • By 15th January
  • Consideration of Awards Committee report by IGS Delhi Chapter
  • By 28th February
  • Announcement of awards by IGS Delhi Chapter
  • During the Award Ceremony

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