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A Report on "IGS (DC) -CRRI workshop "
Geotechnical Investigations and Analysis
In an effort to continuously update our members with the developments in different fields of geotechnical engineering, a workshop was organized jointly by IGS (DC) - CRRI on 26th Feb 2013 at CRRI, Mathura Road New Delhi. The theme of the workshop was "Geotechnical Investigations and Analysis". As part of this workshop, two eminent experts Prof. S. Marchetti from L'Aquila University of Italy and Prof. Kristian Krabbenhoft from University of New Castle, Australia gave presentations.
First presentation was given by Prof.S.. Marchetti on Flat Dilatometer DMT and Seismic Dilatometer SDMT along with their description and application in settlement and liquefaction analysis. Prof. Marchetti discussed different advantages of using DMT over CPT test and highlighted the increasing use of the same around the world for settlement and liquefaction analysis. Second presentation was given by Prof. K. Krabbenhoft, who along with holding Professor position in Australia is also the Founding Partner and current Director of Optum Computational Engineering Software. His company Optum CE is involved in the development of advanced, yet user-friendly, software for civil engineering computations. He discussed in his presentation utility of limit analysis for geotechnical structures which is also one of the modules in OPTUM G2 software.
The event commenced at around 10:00 am after the formal registration and inauguration of the workshop by Dr. S.Gangopadhyay, Director CRRI. Dr. Vasant Havanagi, Vice Chairman, IGS Delhi chapter welcomed the director and eminent speakers with a bouquet of flowers. Dr. Atul Nanda, Chairman IGS Delhi Chapter introduced the speakers and welcomed them to the workshop. Inaugural welcome lecture of the workshop was given by Dr. S.Gangopadhyay who appreciated the efforts of IGS Delhi chapter in organizing this workshop and inviting these two eminent experts for sharing their valuable experiences. Shri Jai Bhagwan, Secretary, IGS National body who was also present on the occasion appreciated the efforts of IGS Delhi Chapter in conducting different field training and technical workshop for its members. Inaugural function came to end with a tea break for the participants.
Workshop was attended by around 50 delegates from various institutes/organizations like, CRRI, EIL, CSMRS, ESCOM Consultants Pvt. Ltd., CENGRS, IIT and Jacobs India ltd. There was active participation by all the delegates during the presentation making the event very interesting, interactive and fruitful. It gave an opportunity to all the members to enhance their knowledge in this field.
After the event, vote of thanks was given by Dr. Altaf Usmani, Secretary IGS Delhi Chapter. He thanked both the eminent experts for sparing their valuable time and sharing their expertise with the Indian fraternity of geotechnical engineers. He also thanked all the members for their active participation and CRRI for making necessary arrangements. The event came to an end at around 1:00 pm with a hot lunch in the offering.

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