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Report on IGS Delhi Chapter- CSMRS & IGS Shimla Chapter
Seminar on
Testing and Modeling of Geomaterials at CSMRS on 17 April, 2015
Indian Geotechnical Society, Delhi Chapter in association with CSMRS organsied a half day seminar on “Testing and Modeling of Geomaterials” on 17 April 2015 at CSMRS, New Delhi. This seminar was co-organised in collaboration with IGS Shimla Chapter. Dr. Altaf Usmani, Hon. Secretary, IGS Delhi chapter welcomed the members along with special invitee Prof. S.K. Jain, distinguished faculty from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JUIT), Solan, and Hon. Secretary, IGS Shimla chapter. Dr. Atul Nanda, Chairman IGS Delhi Chapter discussed upon the need of such seminar to the participants. Mr. Murari Ratnam, Diretcor CSMRS was also present in the inauguration function and expressed his best wishes for success of the seminar. First presentation was given by Dr. Rajbal Singh, distinguished expert and Head of rock mechanics discipline at CSMRS. He presented his lecture on “Deformability of Rock Mass – A Critical Input in Numerical Modelling” where he discussed various techniques of deformation modulus calculation for rock mass and its impact on numerical modelling. High tea was served to the participants after this lecture as an intermediate break. Second and third lectures were presented by presentation was given by Prof. S.K. Jain, faculty from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JUIT), Solan, Shimla and also Hon. Secretary, IGS Shila Chapter. Prof. Jain discussed basics of critical state modelling and its utility for modelling different soil behaviours with specific emphasis on clayey soils in its first presentation. He discussed about Soft Clay Testing Using Pressuremeter during his second lecture and shared his vast experience in this field from his research work in San Francisco and Virginia.
Last lecture of the seminar was given by Dr. N.P.Honokanadavar, young scientist from CSMRS working on behaviour of rock fill materials. Dr. Nagraj presented his lecture on “Testing and modelling the behaviour of rock fill materials” and discussed upon various testing and modelling requirements of rock fill materials. Finally vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Altaf Usmani, Hon. Secretary, IGS Delhi chapter who thanked all the speakers and specially Prof. Jain for travelling from all around Shimla to Delhi for this seminar. He also thanked staff and management of CSMRS for providing various facilities for overall organisation of the seminar. Seminar was very well attended by around 50 IGS Delhi Chapter members. The seminar finally ended at around 2.00 PM with a hot lunch for the participants.

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