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IGS Delhi Chapter had instituted annual awards to honour dedicated and committed geotechnical engineers of Delhi. The objective is to recognize the contribution of the members of the IGS Delhi Chapter for promotion and practice of geotechnical engineering. It was long been realized that there are many geotechnical engineers doing very good professional work and contributing effectively to several major works and areas. However, some such contributions have gone unrecognized due to various reasons. These awards are proposed to correct this imbalance to the extent feasible. The awards are open to all practicing geotechnical engineers, researchers and academicians meeting the eligibility criteria. Main features of the awards are:

IGS DELHI CHAPTER LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: This award shall be given to a senior eminent geotechnical engineer (age 55 years and above) who has made notable contributions through his innovative work, providing inspiring leadership, been involved in major projects of national importance and contributed significantly to these projects. Leading academicians and Researchers are also covered.

IGS DELHI CHAPTER LEADERSHIP AWARD: This award shall be given to a middle level geotechnical engineer (age group of 35 to 55 years), who has made notable contributions in research or academics or field practice and shown capabilities of inspiring and motivating others.

IGS DELHI CHAPTER YOUNG GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER AWARD: This award is for a young geotechnical engineer (age below 35 years) who has worked on important projects or been involved in research / academic activity and demonstrated a promising and extraordinary potential for excellence.

Awards shall be given annually at the AGM of IGS Delhi Chapter or at a seminar / event organized by the Delhi Chapter.

The details of the awards are:
Category A. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Rs. 10,000/ plus a citation and shield
Category B. LEADERSHIP AWARD: Rs. 6,000/ plus a citation
Category C. YOUNG GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER AWARD: Rs. 4,000/ plus a citation

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