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“Seminar on Geotechnical Engineering”
By Department of Civil Engineering
Amity School of Engineering & Indian Geotechnical Society, Delhi Chapter
In view of rapid changes in Civil Engineering it is required that the To-be-Engineers are regularly updated with the latest trends in industry. In this context and in an endeavor to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) in collaboration with Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS), Delhi Chapter hosted a half-day seminar on geotechnical engineering. The seminar was organized by the department of civil engineering on 13th January, 2015 in Amity University Noida campus. The seminar aimed to disseminate the knowledge to undergraduate and post graduate civil engineering students in the area of practical applications and advances in geotechnical engineering. It was divided into four technical sessions on soil investigation techniques, highway material & construction, geotechnical aspects of dams and bridges and underground space utilization which was delivered by industry experts.
The inaugural session started at 10:00 a.m with lamp lightning by the chairman of IGS Delhi Chapter, Dr. Atul Nanda and hon. Secretary of IGS Delhi Chapter, Dr. Altaf Usmani. The welcome address was delivered by Ms. Madhuri Kumari, Head, Department of Civil Engineering followed by inaugural address by Prof. A K Jairath, Dy Director, ASET. They emphasized on the importance of learning the practical application of knowledge gained from classroom teaching. Dr. Atul Nanda enlightened the gathering with details about the IGS and its activities for academic institutions. A short lecture by Dr. Altaf Usmani followed where he explained the topics to be covered in seminar and its relevance for the students. The industry experts Dr. Sorabh Gupta, Chief Consultant, CENGRS , Dr. Vasant Havanagi, Chief Scientist, CRRI, and Dr. N.P.Honkanadavar, Chief Research Officer/Scientist-D, CSMRS were also present during the inaugural session. All the faculty members of department of civil engineering and around 80 odd students participated in the session.
After a short break, the technical sessions resumed. The first lecture was given by Dr Sorabh Gupta ,Vice President of CENGRS. He introduced the audience to the importance of planning and surveying in any project. He spoke about the ways soil investigation should be done and scope of its need in any project. Then he explained in brief some of the field tests followed by introduction on pile foundation. The second lecture on Highway material and construction was delivered by Dr Vasant Havanagi. The contents of his lecture highlighted about good quality roads. He also covered the different layers of road along with the materials and properties of each layer. He briefly explained all the factors and requirements for road construction. He also gave a brief introduction on waste material used for construction of roads. The technical session on geotechnical aspects of dams & bridges followed. During the lecture delivery, Dr. N. P. Honkanadavar laid emphasis on the purpose of foundation investigation. Some parameters and properties for designing structure and method of investigation were discussed. The last technical session was on the latest technology and demand of future, underground space utilization. Dr. Altaf Usmani from Engineering India Limited very aptly put forth the advantages of underground space utilization which is future of civil engineering construction era. He briefly explained the technical challenges encountered while carrying out construction projects underground. He introduced the audience with upcoming technology in India of crude oil underground storage. The sessions were interactive and pictures of live projects in presentation generated more interest among the audience. Every technical session was followed by brief question & answer session where students interacted with experts by asking some questions relevant to the topic.
It was a very learning seminar for the students and faculty. It provided an insight into the importance of geotechnical engineering for a civil engineer.

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