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Annual General Body Meeting at Central Road Research Institute 24th September 2015
The Annual General Body meeting along with half day workshop on Geotechnical Engineering was held on 24th September 2015 at Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi. The Program was Inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr S.Gangopadhyay, Director of the Institute. After the inaugural address, the following eminent persons were awarded by the chief guest for the year 2011-12..
  • Mr.A.B.Pandy, Chairman (CWC), with ‘IGS Delhi Chapter Lifetime achievement Award’
  • Mr. Ravi Sundaram (Director, CENGRS) was awarded with ’IGS Delhi Chapter’ Lifetime achievement Award’
  • Mr. U.K.Guru Vittal, Chief Scientist, CRRI, was awarded with ’IGS Delhi Chapter Leadership Award’.
  • Ms. Seema Gurnani, Senior Engineer, EIL, was awarded with ’IGS Delhi Chapter Young Geoetchnical Engineer Award’.
The award function was followed by a half day workshop on “Geotechnical Engineering”.

Three presentations were made by following eminent speakers:
  • “Rock mass parameters for analysis and design" by Prof. T. Ramamurthy.
  •  “An Introduction to Limit State Approach in Geotechnical Design.” By Mr. P.K.Kundu
  • “Strategic Storage of Crude Oil with special emphasis on Storage in Salt Caverns” by Dr. Ranjit Rath.
The Annual General Body meeting started at 12.30hrs.

Chairman, IGS Delhi Chapter Dr. Atul Nanda welcomed the members to the meeting and agenda items were taken for discussion after brief opening remarks about the activities of the Chapter.

Item 1: Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting
The last Annual General Meeting was held 26th Aug 2014 and minutes were e-mailed to the members. Minutes were also circulated during the AGM. No comments from the members were received during the meeting. Minutes were approved by AGM.

Item 2: Report of Hon. Secretary
Dr. Altaf Usmani, Honorary Secretary, IGS Delhi Chapter presented the activity report since last AGM held on 26 Aug, 2014. In his presentation, Dr. Usmani highlighted the activities organized in terms of site visit and workshops along with two day symposium organized in collaboration with ISRM India and DFI organsied along with IIT Delhi. Members appreciated the efforts made by the executive committee for organization of large number of events.

Item 3: Report of Hon. Treasurer
Dr. R. Ayothiraman, Honorary Treasurer, IGS Delhi Chapter presented the report regarding the income and expenditures made by the chapter since last AGM. Dr. Ayothiraman gave details of the expenditure incurred towards organization of number of events and income gained from bank interests, FD’s, sponsorships and membership fesses. AGM lauded the report and adopted the report of Honorary Treasurer.

Item 4: Adoption of Audited accounts and Balance Sheet for 2012-13
Copies of the audited balance sheet were circulated to all the members and were also presented by the Honorary Treasurer, Dr. R. Ayothiraman. Members deliberated on various items of the report and after discussions audited accounts were subsequently adopted and approved by the AGM.

Item 5: Address by Chairman, IGS Delhi Chapter
In his address to AGM, Chairman Dr. Atul Nanda thanked the members for their active support during the two year tenure of the Executive Committee. He briefed upon various new initiatives taken up by the society and hopes to continue the same by the new executive committee. He mentioned that the elections for new EC will be held immediately after the AGM and requested the members to participate in elections and take active part in the activities of the chapter. He also wished good luck to the new executive council of the society.

Item 6: Any other item with the permission of the Chair
Following suggestions were also received during the AGM.
i. Organization of conferences/seminars by including geology, seismology and other allied disciplines for unified development of geotechnical engineering.
ii. Coordination with like-minded societies for joint organization of events at local and national levels.
iii. Call for more participation from Contractors and Owners/Builders side for more awareness about the geotechnical engineering.
iv. Joint Organsiation of events with other small chapters.
v. Organization of events in other NCR regions like Noida, Gurgaon etc for increased awareness in these places.

Awareness programs in other technical institutions/universities for creating more options for graduating civil engineers

Item 7: Vote of thanks
Meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks by the Honorary Secretary Dr Altaf Usmani.

Item 8: Elections
Since the tenure of old executive committee would expire on 31st Septemeber 2015, so it was decided to hold elections for new executive committee for the year 2015-2017.

Elections were held for Chairman, Two Vice Chairman and Four Members for new executive committee of the society for the year 2015-2017. Dr. Kishore Kumar, Chief Scientist, CRRI was the returning officer.

Following are the list of Elected Members:
  • Prof. J.T.Shahu, IIT Delhi- Chairman (Proposed by Dr. Altaf Usmani, seconded by Dr. Vasanth Havanagi).
  • Dr. Vasant G. Havanagi, CRRI-Vice Chairman (Proposed by Sh.Kanwar, seconded by Mrs. Uma Arun.)
  • Dr. Manish Gupta, CSMRS-Vice Chairman (Proposed by Sh.N.Kumar, seconded by Sh. R.K.Mathur).
  • Dr. N.P. Honkanadavar, CSMRS-Member (Proposed by Sh.Bajaj, seconded by Sh. R.K.Mathur).
  • Dr. B.Manna, IIT Delhi-Member (Proposed by Prof. Shahu, seconded by Prof. R.Ayothiraman).
  • Mr. Sorabh Gupta, CENGRS-Member (Proposed by Sh. Ravi Sundaram, seconded by Dr. A.Nanda).
  • Mr. A.K.Sinha, CRRI-Member (Proposed by Sh.P.S.Prasad, seconded by Dr. Vasanth Havanagi).
The meeting concluded with thanks to returning officer for conducting the election and with a welcome to newly elected members of the committee for the year 2013-15.

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