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A Report on IGS Delhi Chapter
Annual Awards Function, Workshop on “Solution for Slope Protection and Geohazards” and Annual General Meeting
IGS Delhi chapter annual award function followed by workshop and AGM meeting was held on 26 Aug 2014 at CRRI New Delhi.
The information and annual award function started at 10.00 AM with a welcome by Dr. Altaf Usmani, Hon. Secretary, IGS Delhi Chapter. Chief Guest of the function, Dr.S.Gangopadhyay was felicitated by flower bouquet at the start of the function. Inaugural welcome address of the function was given by Dr. A. Nanda, Chairman IGS Delhi Chapter who highlighted the activities of the chapter in brief. Award function was presided over by Dr. Vasant Havanagi, Vice Chairman, IGS Delhi Chapter who announced the contribution of the awardees starting from Life Time achievement award to Leadership award and Young Geotechnical Engineer awards. Life time achievement award was given to two eminent personalities; Dr.T.Ramamurthy and Dr.Shahi Gulhati, Former Professor, IIT Delhi for their remarkable work in the field of geotechnical engineering. As goodwill gesture both the lifetime awardees returned the gifted money amount for betterment of the society. Leadership award was presented to Mr. P.K.Kundu, MD Xplorer Consultancy Services for his vast experience and achievement in the field of geotechnical engineering. Award for young geotechnical engineer award was given to Mr. Sharique Khan, consultant ATES division of AIMIL India for his outstanding work in the field of geotechnical engineering.
After the presentation of the awards, gathering was addressed by Chief Guest, Dr. S. Gangopadhyay who appreciated the activities of the chapter and congratulated the awardees on their remarkable achievements. Function was finally closed with a vote of thanks from Dr.Nagraj, EC Member, IGS Delhi Chapter. The function was attended by around ninty participants representing peoples from academic as well industries. All the members were invited for a high tea with a break for half an hour before the start of next session; workshop on solutions for geohazards and slope protection.
Members reassemble after a tea break of half an hour for the workshop session. The session was conducted by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, EC member, IGS Delhi Chapter who introduced the workshop speakers before the presentations. First lecture was presented by Ms. Minimol Korulla, Vice President Maccaferri India on “Advance solutions for Hydro Geohazards in Costal Areas”. Second lecture was presented by Mr. Shahrokh Bagli, Chief Technology Officer, Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd. on “Geocells for Load Bearing and slope Protection”. Third presentation on slope protection measures carried out for Ghazipur Landfills were presented by Prof. Manoj Datta, Professor IIT Delhi. All the lectures presented were very interesting and were appreciated by the members. Finally momentous were presented to both the speakers along with vote of thanks for their valuable time and efforts.
Annual General Meeting of the chapter was started after five minute break from the previous session of workshop on “Solutions for slope protection and Geohazards”. Meeting was conducted by Dr. A. Nanda, Chairman IGS Delhi Chapter who welcomed the members for this meeting. All the agenda items were discussed one by one including Secretary Report, Treasurer Report and discussion on audited balance sheet. Finally AGM was closed with the adoption of the balance sheet, a brief address by Dr. A.Nanda, Chairman IGS Delhi Chapter and vote of thanks by Dr. Nagraj, EC Member, IGS Delhi Chapter.

Indian Geotechnical Society Delhi Chapter Solutions for Slope Protection and Geohazards
Coastal Geohazards and few mitigation methods

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